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Kegan Canceled. Just like you. 

In 2017, Kegan Stephens from STOP Restoration Albuquerque was a client with Instaboost using our Local SEO services. Eventually, he canceled and went with different marketing companies. After 6 months of poor communication and no results, Kegan realized these new companies weren’t as proactive as Instaboost and had failed to get him any sort of return.

But he came back. 

A few months ago, Kegan came back to Instaboost to resume Local SEO services. We only work with 1 client per area/per industry so we had to make sure we could help him out. Kegan wanted to get more calls and more clients for his wide range of restoration services. After explaining the Local SEO process, he decided to use both Google Ads (PPC) and Local SEO so that he could get immediate calls and improve his long term ranking. 

Are your results this good?

Kegan started getting calls within days of starting his PPC Google Ads campaign. Weeks later, he went from 1 truck to 5 trucks and was rapidly rising on the front page of Google’s search results. Instaboost was able to get STOP Restoration Albuquerque huge returns by creating multiple campaigns for each of the different services that they offer. We noticed that many of their calls were being missed, so we made sure that the team at STOP was diligent about answering every call. These two strategies increased the number of jobs they got significantly and as a result, boosted the revenue by 10x!

This could be you.

In an extremely successful series of Google Ads campaigns, STOP Restoration Albuquerque received a 10x return on their initial investment. The team at STOP is still continuing ad campaigns and is seeing great results every month. 

What is my ROI?

Based on industry averages from trusted sources. Individual results may vary.

$5,000 budget

3,333 clicks / mo

125 leads / mo

$1,500 budget

1,000 clicks / mo

38 leads / mo

$500 budget

333 clicks / mo

12 leads / mo

How much does it cost?

What you get:

  • Google Ad campaign set up with dedicated project manager
  • Lead to customer analysis – always know your ROI
  • Keyword optimization – we’ll constantly filter out non-performing keywords
  • Transparent pricing – always know what you pay Google and what you pay us
  • FREE landing page (normally $895)
  • NO set up free (normally $300-500)

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We can only work with one industry per area, call today to see if you qualify.

Still not convinced?

We’re a Google Partner specializing in search advertising.


We’re proud to be a top SEO company on Clutch from 2018-2020.

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We can only work with one industry per area, call today to see if you qualify.

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